Why Small Businesses Need Email Marketing

Following the Email Marketing Trend

Many businesses these days are opting for email marketing instead of the more traditional approach, which is direct mail marketing. This marketing trend is gradually increasing in rate due to the fact that email marketing is far more cost-effective and provides fast communication compared to its traditional counterpart. A couple of years ago, only a handful of people had email addresses. But now, millions of people around the world have Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook accounts, and majority of them spend a great deal of time checking their emails and sending messages. This is one of the many reasons why email marketing is no longer an option but a “must have” for businesses. Email marketing can greatly help entrepreneurs establish and maintain their relationships with customers in a more cost-effective and timely manner compared to direct mail marketing. In business, establishing good relationships is the key to increased sales and success. If a business person wants to gain new clients, then he needs to earn their trust. On the other hand, if he wants them to do repeat business with him, then he needs to establish customer loyalty. With email marketing, business owners can effectively communicate with their customers. And in any relationship, whether it is business or personal, communication is the key. When it comes to establishing communication with customers, businessmen have several options other than email marketing such as setting up an e-commerce website, sending newsletters, distributing coupons, etc. However, what makes email marketing far more superior than them is that it is less costly in terms of delivery and production. Email marketing can effectively reach a wider scope of potential clients compared to the other marketing techniques. Furthermore, email marketing is as effective but not as expensive as telemarketing. If executed properly, email marketing can help businessmen achieve their goals. Businessmen need to understand the “pull” and “push” components of communication if they want to establish strong relationships with their customers. Pull communications approaches, such as an e-commerce website, provides customers information when they have the motivation to search for it. Push communications approaches, such as the traditional direct mail marketing, works by getting in touch with both existing and potential customers. Email marketing effectively combines the “pull” and “push” components of communication. Through email marketing, businessmen can actively reach out to their customers, and then direct them to visit their e-commerce websites where their services or products are featured.

The Possible Results of Email Marketing

If used properly, email marketing can help small businesses increase their profits and propel them to success. Email marketing is less expensive compared to telemarketing. Furthermore, email marketing is faster and reaches far more in a target audience compared to direct mail marketing.  Aside from that, email marketing is very versatile as well. It can be modified to suit any kind of service or product. Email marketing can be used to inform customers of new products or services, alert them of special promotions or offers, and tell them of the latest events of the company. In general, majority of people respond positively to email marketing, especially if the emails come from companies they know and trust. With email marketing, small businesses can gain new customers and generate repeat business from existing clients.