Why is Email Marketing Effective?

email marketing
email inboxIntroduction to Email Marketing: When a company sends out promotional content directly to customer groups via email, it is called email marketing. This content could be newsletters, advertisements, invitations to events and even business proposals. The recipients of the email marketing could be existing customers who have an active or a dormant relationship with the company as well as potential target customers. As far as possible, only product and service information that is relevant to the customer group is sent out, to ensure higher chances of the email marketing campaigns being read. This form of marketing also plants the company's brand firmly in the minds of people. The increased brand awareness produced by email marketing leads to increased customer conversions and higher revenue for the company. An email marketing service could also be used to keep your existing customers aware of deals and discount offers; the underlying motive is to build up a loyal, long-term customer base. Email Marketing Service to Boost Sales: There are two main types of email marketing. In transactional email marketing, the company uses the customer's ongoing dealings with them, such as e-mail receipts and order confirmations from their email marketing campaigns, to boosts sales. This could be cross-selling in email marketing campaigns, which is the introduction of the company's products and services other than the one the customer has already bought. This could also be up-selling in the email marketing campaigns, where the company advertises its available upgrades on customer purchases. Such a transactional email marketing helps a company to builds lasting relationships with customers with whom they have recently done business. The other kind of email marketing is direct email marketing; in this approach, a company that does not have its own customer contact list can rent lists of customer e-mail addresses from certain other companies to use for their email marketing campaign. Such direct email marketing service in SA is ideal for small start-up companies that do not yet have a large network. Benefits of Email Marketing: * There are no delivery costs in sending out advertisements, newsletters and other forms of marketing via e-mail; this is an immediate cost benefit as compared to sending them out via post * Email marketing brings about mass circulation of various forms of the company's advertisements; this results in large-scale visibility of its brand * Email marketing software packages are easily and cheaply available. These include templates, email automation and tracking tools; thereby saving on the cost for professional web development and SEO services * If the right approach is adopted, email marketing can bring high financial returns to a company Tips for a Successful South African Email Marketing Service: With the Internet information overload, it is not uncommon for email marketing campaigns to land up in junk / spam folders, be deleted without reading or simply be ignored. While this can be disheartening for a company investing in an email marketing, they should remember that there are some companies that have enjoyed a tremendous boost in sales by following these best practices of email marketing. * Network and Grow: It's all about networking in email marketing, and targeting as many customers as possible. Pick up on all sources of sales leads, including referrals and initial queries. Consistence and perseverance is the key to success for an email marketing. * Save Contact Lists: Older customer details must be maintained in a list, with new names being added to it regularly. Any person that has had dealings with the company as some time or another or who has subscribed from previous email marketing campaigns, irrespective of a positive outcome, must be added to this contact list. There is a possibility that the disinterested or undecided customer will change their mind sometime in the future if sent an email marketing campaign; you do not want to lose out on any chance to improve sales. This tactic will show customers that you care about them and that they are important to your company. * Give Subscribers Control: While you add existing and new customers to your e-mailing list used to send out newsletters, offers and other mass correspondence vi email marketing, you must give customers the option of getting themselves unsubscribed from your list. There is no point in keeping them on if they are not interested in reading your email marketing campaigns; they will simply be relegated to the spam or junk folder. * Take Advantage of Social Media: Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great place to entice new customers to subscribe to your company's website and email marketing campaigns and newsletters. You will need to capture and hold their attention. Discounts, free coupons, entertaining videos that have the potential of going viral and how-to tutorials containing useful information are some examples of engaging content. You must have a subscribe button on your business website linked to your email marketing campaigns; another such button can be included on the social networking site itself, for the customer's convenience. In conclusion, email marketing in South Africa can be very effective in boosting sales for a business of any size. It is an essential part of a company's marketing campaign, but the correct approach must be followed to ensure success. The Internet is now an important part of everyone's life, so it is high time your company makes the most of an email marketing service, if you haven't already done so.