Why Every Company seems to Use Mass Email

Nowadays, billions of people have online email addresses. Of these, you'd be hard pressed to find even a single person who doesn't get periodic mass email from some company. Why is this? For the simple reason that if they don't, they fall behind. Imagine a business ten years ago not advertising on television. That is the equivalent to not using mass email in today's day and age. Mass email is a quick, cost-efficient way to keep your customers informed. It allows for instantaneous news to arrive at their fingertips, and let them know anything your company deems they should, be it special offers, acquisitions, or anything else. In addition, think about how the number of email capable phones and other devices people have, and the potential for mass email software grows exponentially. Mass email is a modern way of advertising that takes advantage of the huge popularity of the internet, and allows for companies to directly reach those customers who desire their products and services. The one question people ask, is how effective really is mass email? For that the simple answer is that with periodic emails, customers at the very least have to read the subject line, and so already the company or product line is imprinted in their memory. Repetitive emails such as this will cause only greater curiosity within the customer, and most do read emails to see special offers they otherwise wouldn't be aware of. Customers know that these deals are communicated via mass email, and so offering them means the customer has to and will gladly read through in order to find if a particular sale entices them. Mass email is simply a cheap and efficient powerful advertising method that up until now was unavailable to companies.