When is the Appropriate Time to Send Mass Email South Africa?

When should you send mass email  South Africa?

Mass email in South Africa is one of the most powerful tools that a business can use in its marketing arsenal. It has grown exponentially with the increase in development in the information technology sector and social media boom. Many businesses find that mass email South Africa has a high ROI when executed correctly, and is the preferred method of communication and relation of their clients and prospective clients. Despite the marketing and PR world's love affair with social media, mass email in South Africa remains the most popular mode of keeping in touch and updated with a client’s interests. It is also remarkably understood and widely accessible with over 70% of adults worldwide having access to the internet from mobile devices. Whether we like it or not, mass email in South Africa is not going anywhere, at least not in the foreseeable future. In fact it is still growing rapidly to date. For businesses that focus their attention on email open rates and click-through numbers, a few statistics on a large number of emails that was gathered last year shows vital information regarding when the best time to send mass email to clients is appropriate. More than 21 million of the mass email in South Africa was analysed and the results were as follows:
  • More than 22% of all mass email in South Africa was opened within the first hour. The number dropped progressively as each consecutive hour passed.
  • Most of the mass email in South Africa was sent between 6 am an 12pm The lowest volume occurred between 12 am and 6 am
  • The hours that saw the most click-throughs of mass email in South Africa were 8 am,9 am,3 pm and 8 pm
  • The hours that saw the most opens of mass email in South Africa are 8 am,9 am,3 pm and 4 pm
It seems that for maximum open and click rates regarding mass email in South Africa, the best choice is morning and early afternoon. The following is a more detailed look at the information on the case study:
  • Mass email in South Africa had maximum results in the first hour after delivery.
  • Within the second hour, the results had dropped by half.
  • 5 hours after the emails were delivered. The results had dropped by more than 90%.
Theoretically, mass email in South Africa sent at 5:00 pm has roughly a 24% chance of being opened within the first hour of delivery. But in reality it’s a very different story. At 5:00pm most people are stuck in traffic at 5:00pm you are usually stuck in traffic or leaving work             At 6:00pm their supper is being prepared or ordered Most people are organising dinner at 6:00pm             At 7:00pm they are taking care of daily chores. (children’s bath time etc.) 7:00pm is usually time to finish the day's chores             At 8:00pm they are back on their computers or mobiles, checking their mass email in South Africa. However 4 hours after your mass email in South Africa was sent, you now have less than 5% chance of your newsletter being opened, and even less chance of it being clicked. 8:00pm is usually the time to check email in the evening             Most messages arrive in the inbox in the morning. That is why those sent in the afternoon have a higher chance of being noticed, opened, and the content clicked. The best time to send mass email in South Africa is when people are reviewing their inboxes. For maximum open and click-through rates, choose morning and early afternoon. 9:00am seems like the perfect time to send out a mass email in South Africa. But to match local times around the world, you need to be aware of time zone differences. Segment your lists by time zone and schedule each appropriately for the maximum result.