What to do in your email marketing

Whether you're launching a new business or want to get more customers for an existing business, an email marketing campaign is one of your best tactics.   Marketing your product to customers is an exciting time - as long as you make sales and money. It can be disheartening, though, to check your daily sales only to find small numbers, especially when you have a great product or service to sell.  Marketing is a skill, and like any skill, it takes knowledge and practice and a little help. Fortunately there are email marketing services to help you do this. But first, some basic rules about email marketing best practices. Spam is your enemy:  It takes just one spam flagged email to land you in the junk folder for weeks or months, probably losing that customer indefinitely.  Sometimes, though, it can be an honest oversight that gets you flagged, such as not identifying your email as an ad or failing to include your business location.  Avoid the possibility of a wasted email marketing campaign with email marketing software that knows all the rules to follow to keep you in the inbox. Lots and lots of links:  The purpose of your email marketing newsletter is drive customers to your landing page.  You want to give them every opportunity to click their way to your website and keep clicking till the sale is closed.  At least one hyperlink per paragraph is recommended. Write for scanning, not reading:  People want to find information fast.  Sending a newsletter that requires in depth reading will not get you the results you want.  Make it short, simple, and clickable. In order to have a successful campaign that reaches thousands of potential customers, it is best to use an interactive email marketing service, like Total Send, that will guarantee your emails go directly to the inbox,  while managing your subscriptions and giving you all the tools you need for success.