Using Bulk Email as a Metrics Platform

Bulk Email: It's in the stats

One of the major benefits of using bulk email that is often overlooked is the fact that it provides the perfect metrics platform. What this means is that bulk email campaigns allow to accurately and with great specificity, measure the success of your campaign, develop customer intelligence, and even collect data that will allow you to project growth. When you launch a marketing campaign, you want to be able to monitor the effectiveness of that campaign; not only from the broad perspective, but on a micro level as well. When you are able to do this, it allows you to fine tune your campaigns, by removing elements that are not working and cranking up those elements that are working. Bulk email allows you to build a great data base that will help monitor the immediate success of the campaign and more. These type of metric measurements extend beyond the simple analytic observation of click-throughs (these are still extremely important) to move into the ability to measure customer behavior and response. This allows you to consistently manage the way you design your campaigns and the manner in which you engage your customer. There is literally no limit to the way you can use bulk email. Never underestimate the power of bulk email as a marketing tool, and never limit yourself as far as the possibilities that exist with this type of bulk email marketing strategy.