Tips on Improving Your Email Marketing Campaign

These are a few tips to help optimize your email marketing newsletter process. Plan out your campaign before starting on the creation process. Set a goal for the purpose of the email and keep the target market in mind while working on the design of your email newsletter. Try to use copy that is not considered “spammy”. There are basic guidelines on what spam trigger words are and how they can be avoided. Never make any text in only capital letters as that makes it seem as though you are shouting. Don’t use large images without an equal amount of “white space” used as text. This is a spam trigger and can be easily avoided. Try to use web safe colours. Bright red and green are usually spam triggers as they are used in many spam email newsletters. Test your email marketing newsletter on as many platforms as you can to ensure it displays as much the same as it can. If you are unsure as to how to keep good structure for your email, you should try to use a pre-made email mareketing template.