Thinking about Sending Out a Mass Email?

Sending out a mass email to thousands of recipients can be a very effective way of obtaining new business. Additionally, it can be even more effective when used with your previous customers. It's really an effortless approach in contacting an enormous audience with a simple click of the mouse. However, before you even consider what you plan to blast out through mass email, you really need to determine the most cost-efficient way of sending them. With the amount of spam being sent today through mass email, as well as the CAN SPAM act. That was implemented--there are right and wrong ways of doing it. Additionally major email service providers have placed advanced software on their servers to block mass email detected as spam. Therefore, doing it the wrong way could ultimately place you on a "black list." For these reasons, it is not advised to blast mass email out yourself, or through your own mail servers. If you plan to send out mass email, consider using an email marketing provider, also called compliance based mass mailing solution provider. For one, they often send out the e-mails in "batches," so they don't appear as spam. Additionally they follow the stringent regulations placed by the CAN SPAM act, by providing a way for the receiver to unregister from the email. However, one final major benefit they provide is determining effectiveness of your email blast, such as determining the number of responders, as well as the bounce rate.