The quality of your list is important

Your list of subscribers is your most valuable possession in email marketing. You should never send bulk email newsletters to anyone who doesn't want it. Some often ask “How do I know what the subscriber wants?” Most often than not, a subscriber will tell you what they think of your mailings by the interactions they have with them. If a subscriber opens your email religiously every time you send it out. This tells you that they are very interested to read the updates and changes you have made since the last bit of email marketing they received from you. If a subscriber is receiving your email newsletter but not opening it, it could mean that your subject line is not very effective at getting the reader to open the mail. If your subscriber blatantly reports your newsletter as spam, then you know to remove them from your mailing list immediately. Most email marketing companies like Total Send do this automatically as it can cause a lot of damage to your sending reputation. The last kind of subscriber is a spam trap. More often than not, many email marketers will purchase a list from a 3rd party or they will obtain email addresses by “mining” the web. This results in adding email addresses to their list that only exist to catch those who have not obtained their list correctly. Once a spam trap has been sent to. The sender is blacklisted without question because they should never have the spam trap’s email address in the first place.