The Pros and Cons of Mass Email

In a world of business where customers have more information available than ever before, mass email marketing is a powerful tool. Rising in conjunction with the popularity of internet economics, it allows for a completely new and interesting way to reach customers like no other marketing option. On the positive side, mass email is quite possibly the quickest way to reach customers and clients. Email nowadays is near instantaneous, and mass email keeps that speed while reaching as many customers as physically possible. In addition, mass email is exceedingly cost-efficient. Using mass email software written by developers in-house can make this type of marketing essentially free, but even using a mass email service is dirt cheap compared to other means of advertising. Finally, mass email allows for consumers to be as up to date as possible on the company's products and services, with news as current as your organization chooses to publish. Conversely, mass email if overused has the potential to turn certain customers away due to the large amount of emails received. In addition, consumers without email accounts won't be reached at all in this manner. Mass email is a powerful tool if used correctly, but if overused, or used as the sole means of marketing can lower its efficiency as an advertising tactic.