The Evolution Of Email Marketing Over The Years

The History of Email Marketing

Email marketing is perhaps the most popular marketing technique utilised by businesses to date, and it has quite a rich history. The Internet had started to gain popularity in the early 1990's, and that is when email came into existence. It did not take too much time for businesses to catch on and start using email as a means of reaching customers. Moreover, it was cheaper when compared to mailing advertisements to houses. By 1995, more and more businesses had switched to email advertisements while advertisements through regular mail were becoming outdated. Today, large sums of money are spent by businesses to create email marketing campaigns that will not be regarded as spam. Back then, when spam filters gained popularity, this proved to be a major hurdle for email marketing, and for the businesses utilising this method. The filters had started wiping out many email marketing campaigns. Businesses lost a lot of money because of these marketing campaigns while they did not get any results. Fortunately, businesses with the help of tech savvy computer programmers figured out that the various spam filters could be bypassed with effective email marketing heads and titles, and using authentic email addresses, as well as good email marketing etiquette. At one time, people used to use the Internet for entertainment, research, and work-related functions. In today's society, the concept of shopping online has become rather convenient because of the enhancements in the internet. After all, prices of products can be instantly compared, eliminating the need to run from one store to another. Even people in remote locations can buy practically anything they desire by shopping online. Since consumers are doing most of their shopping online it is only logical that businesses are able to draw them in through email marketing campaigns. Consumers can now actually enter their email address in websites and actually opt to receive email advertising from the website. Of course, there are also those people who are not fond of receiving email marketing ploys in their email and actually get annoyed by email advertisements. This is why email advertisements always contain a link that the consumer can click in order to opt out of receiving further emails from the business. If a consumer makes this choice, businesses have to respect it and remove the consumer from their mailing list. This was a result of legislation that was passed when many consumers got fed up with email marketing campaigns flooding their inbox. Now consumers are under the protection of laws and rules that prevent the invasion of their privacy.

Email Marketing today.

Nonetheless, the consumers of today have started accepting email marketing in their every-day routine, especially when the advertising meets their demands and needs. However, businesses cannot win the whole battle by simply passing on the email to the consumer. If the information in the email is not captivating enough and does not entice them, consumers will most likely not click the link of the website and make a purchase. The email has to be interesting enough to pique the consumer's curiosity. Competition among businesses continues to increase and the only way they can succeed at keeping their customers interested is through smarter email marketing campaigns.