A Successful Email Marketing Sales Campaign

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What is an Email Marketing Newsletter

Email Marketing Newsletters are created to combine marketing your products whilst giving your clients useful information regarding the features or benefits of your product. Sometimes clients come to us very excited to launch their email marketing campaign... and then realise they still need to figure out exactly what they want to say to their subscribers!  If you are stuck with not knowing what to write about, consider the emails which your clients have sent to you. What were the most common questions? If a few of your clients took the time to phone or mail you for the answer, there may be many others who would also like to know the answer to those questions. TIP: If you receive a lot of questions on a frequent basis, perhaps consider a FAQ sidebar in your newsletters with updated questions and answers each month. There is also a well-known formula you can use to inspire you in creating incredible sales campaigns.  It is commonly known as AIDCA and has been recommended by leading sales professionals for years. Attention - You need to seize your subscribers’ attention using your subject line. Select the strongest point of your email marketing campaign and focus on it, making it sound thrilling and urgent whilst still keeping it brief. Ask yourself “what is my Unique Selling Point?” A great subject line is crucial and can make the difference in whether your subscriber is enticed into reading your email or not. Interest – Keep the momentum going with your main headlines outlining your product/service description and benefits. Remember to keep it brief. Picture your client in your mind and talk to them as if they were standing in front of you having a conversation. Desire - Answer their question on how your product or service is going to improve their life in a friendly, conversational format. List multiple real benefits and reasons for why they just can’t go on without your product.  By the end of the first paragraph you want them to practically be nodding their heads in agreement with you. Conviction – This could be the deal breaker. Focus more on benefits than features and think about what frequent questions you encounter and answer them here, list links to more information on your website. Show your subscriber they can trust you. Action – Now you want your subscribers to take action; purchase your product, sign up to your special offer, try your service, etc.  Make it clear to your subscribers what they need to do now. List more than one contact method and display them clearly. Some customers prefer the direct method of phoning, some prefer to email, while others prefer to check out your website first. You need to cater for all types! TIP: Always endeavour to give phenomenal service to your clients no matter what, so they are left overwhelmingly impressed by your company and will talk about you to their friends. Remember that even a shouting, difficult customer can be turned into a happy one! And those usually make the best sales stories!