Simple Things That Make Some Email Marketing Efforts Repelling

How I Was Turned Off by Email Marketing

Recently, I was going through my spam box and could not believe how absurd the trash in there was. Most of the messages did not even merit a second look. Others did, but their layout was totally repelling and I could not read more than two sentences without finding something to ridicule. The question constantly ringing in my head was; how much will it cost to compose some mature looking mail with the right wording and spelling? One thing email marketing goes wrong with is the notion that by adding funny characters to a message, the client will be more interested in your advert. Though underscores and hyphens can be simply used to separate categories in your marketing email, it makes no sense to have an agglomeration of random lines that rather confuse the reader rather than make accessing of the advert content easier. However, I have to admit, one use of characters in an email advert caught my eye. This person had drawn the skull and bones using a pattern of asterisks. Now I thought it as artistic and if done properly, it can draw attention to email marketing campaigns. Additional decorations using characters on the keyboard should never be used unless it is in a unique and unavoidable way. However, the most disturbing thing about these marketing email efforts is the fact that some of the marketing agents could not even afford to construct sentences that make sense. While you might argue that sending the message is more important than grammar, people who know and cherish the English language will not read such an email. I believe that email marketing will only make sense if it stops at nothing but the best- in the terms of character use and quality of the written message. When I say I checked my spam box, I have to point out that those checks are few and far between. I believe that’s true for thousands of people out there who have no time to go through what their mailing client has already classified as candidate for useless stuff. This means that thousands of marketers might waste their time coming up with detailed emails only to have their email marketing efforts thwarted and dumped in the trash.

What makes the difference

This leads me to the most important aspect of email marketing. Though gathering for customers from far and wide is one of the best marketing ideas, doing so with emails is a sure way of getting your content ignored. If I ran a marketing firm and wanted to maximise on the emails I use, I would first engage my target audience on another forum like my website or social site and request that they allow my emails to go straight to their inbox. By doing this, I stand a better chance of making more impact on the target audience than it would be if I just spammed them. Email marketing is nowadays not about delivering the email to the right mail address. It is more of sending the right content written in the right format to the inbox, and not the spam box of the target audience. Achieving this is a great step towards effective email marketing.