Email Marketing Service and a Low Spam Rating

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Take steps to lower your chances of your company receiving a bad reputation through spam listings while using email marketing services.

The reputation of your company can be negatively affected by complaints of spam. If complaints have made it to a black listing organisation, or your email marketing has been marked as spam more than a few times, your emails have a chance of going directly into the spam folder of your recipients’ inboxes. A highly respected Email Marketing Service with good relationships with leading South African ISP’s will be able to provide you with best practice advice for your newsletter queries. Utilising a double opt-in process shows you and your customers that signups are sincere and offering a clearly visible op-out option will reduce the chance of your subscribers reaching for the “report as spam” button. Surveys are also great when deciding whether your content is relevant to the actual subject your subscribers signed up for. Manage your subscriber lists and segregate your lists into as many mailing lists as you wish. Then find out from your subscribers what they want to read about! Use the opt-out process to your benefit by gaining more information from your subscribers about why they are opting out of your email marketing service. Make this as simple as possible for your subscriber so they don’t just close the window! Incorporate multiple answer questions or drop down menus on a landing page or website page to find out what you can do differently. To summarise;
  • Protect your company’s online reputation by always sending email marketing campaigns to genuine subscribers.
  • Respect your subscribers by sending them interesting content which they signed up for.
  • Don’t send email marketing too often from your email marketing service.
  • Strive to find out more about your subscribers
  • Segregate your subscriber lists into varying areas of interest using survey results
  • Always TEST your email marketing campaigns!