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    • Name Subscribers Emails Monthly Price
      Starter Plan 5000 Unlimited R315 Buy Now
      10k Subscriber Plan 10,000 Unlimited R585 Buy Now
      20k Subscriber Plan 20,000 Unlimited R801 Buy Now
      35k Subscriber Plan 35,000 Unlimited R1,341 Buy Now
      50k Subscriber Plan 50,000 Unlimited R1,890 Buy Now
      75k Subscriber Plan 75,000 Unlimited R2,691 Buy Now
      • Features

        All our standard monthly plans include unlimited email sending. The only limit you have is the number of subscribers you can manage in your account.
    • Name Included Emails CPM Monthly Price
      100k Email Plan 100,000 R9.90 R990 Buy Now
      250k Email Plan 250,000 R9.00 R2,250 Buy Now
      500k Email Plan 500,000 R8.10 R4,050 Buy Now
      750k Email Plan 750,000 R7.20 R5,400 Buy Now
      1m Email Plan 1,000,000 R6.30 R6,300 Buy Now
      2.5m Email Plan 2,500,000 R5.40 R13,500 Buy Now
      5m Email Plan 5,000,000 R4.95 R24,750 Buy Now
      7.5m Email Plan 7,500,000 R4.50 R33,750 Buy Now
      10m Email Plan 10,000,000 R4.05 R40,500 Buy Now
      20m Email Plan 20,000,000 R2.70 R54,000 Buy Now
      • High Volume Email Plans

        Our high volume plans are charged on an email volume basis. That means you  should choose a plan that suits the number of emails you send each month regardless of the number of subscribers you have in your account. If you run out of email credits, you can buy more at the CPM rate associated with your account. All accounts come with a dedicated IP address and sending domain.
    • Email Credits Credits Expire Once off Price
      5,000 Never R450 Buy Now
      10,000 Never R765 Buy Now
      25,000 Never R1,259 Buy Now
      50,000 Never R1,571 Buy Now
      75,000 Never R1,980 Buy Now
      100,000 Never R2,520 Buy Now
      250,000 Never R6,075 Buy Now
      500,000 Never R11,700 Buy Now
      750,000 Never R17,100 Buy Now
      1,000,000 Never R21,600 Buy Now
      • Pay as you Go

        If you’re not a frequent sender, you can purchase email credits as and when you need them. With no monthly fees, and credits that never expire, our PAYG plan means you don't have to worry about squeezing value out of a monthly plan.
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