Pitfalls to avoid creating email newsletters

Avoid the many mistakes in making an email newsletter

Often times, marketers fail to score that perfect ten when coming up with an email newsletter for their company. Email newsletters serve a variety of purposes such as attracting readers to your website, generating new subscribers, promoting products and services, and positioning your firm as an industry leader among others. Here is a quick look at some of the pitfalls that often hamper the achievement of these purposes.

Repetitive titles

A number of newsletters bear the same old title that is neither attractive and new, nor simple and clear. Having to repeat the same title in consequent email newsletters will surely have your subscribers skip reading it. Have a title that arouses interest and promises something of greater value to the reader and you will gain some clicks, reads, and prospective clients.

Complex content

An email newsletter that has lengthy and complex content and seems more like a novel will miss the mark. Many marketers suffer from the urge of bombarding the reader with lots of information that is of no value and is badly packaged. To counter this, ensure that your email newsletter has value addition information, while being precise, clear, and sweet to the reader. The email newsletter should also be easy to read.


Having your email newsletter run in inconsistent time lines as well as having a voice and tone that does not wholly support your brand is a sure fail. Though marketers love this marketing strategy, they often forget to run the email newsletters in their prescribed publication schedules and they also use a different style in every newsletter in pursuit of being innovative and creative. This inconsistency however, loses many subscribers and the email newsletters editions tend to go unread and may appear like spam. Have a consistent email newsletter in timing, tone, style and voice.

Misleading information

Many email newsletters not only have eye catching titles but also misleading. Whatever the title promises, is not found in the content. While it is important to tease and attract the attention of your readers, it is more rewarding to promise what you can deliver. Have interesting lines in the email newsletter that grab the attention of the reader and prompt them to read the email newsletter fully and also click on links to your website for more information.

Malfunctioning links

Many email newsletters omit the unsubscribe button, while those that have may be malfunctioning. Giving the readers the option of unsubscribing to your email newsletters may sound self-defeating but it also means you are confident that few will take that option. Therefore, many readers may want to stay subscribed and hear more from you. In the same breadth, an email newsletter without a channel that supports two-way communication is also a failure. This is because many prospects and clients may want to engage you via the email newsletter and if these channels are not open, then you may not get to know what they think of your email newsletter, business and your products and services. While it is of prime importance for a company to spruce up their email newsletter, these pitfalls often have them drafting a very ineffective marketing tool. Though your business, products, services, information and news are important, always make a special note of what the reader requires and how best you can offer that without seeming promotional or self-focused. Avoid these pitfalls and you will have fewer people unsubscribing and many new subscribers.