Opt-in Email marketing vs Bulk email marketing

email marketing
Target oriented email marketing It matters not how good the product or service you provide, if you cannot find a way of introducing them to your potential customers. In the past few years, the incredible explosion of internet traffic has provided email marketing in South Africa with tremendous growth. Try to look most closely at opt-in email marketing; it performs the best due to being the most target oriented. Email marketing comes in two varieties: opt-in and bulk email marketing. With opt-in email marketing, the customers themselves make the decision on whether to receive emails from a company. They receive promotional emails only if they register to receive them. Bulk email marketing, on the other hand, uses a shotgun approach of sending out huge numbers of emails in hopes of stumbling across a customer interested in what is being offered. Those who wish to use professional email marketing techniques do best when working with opt-in email marketing. Opt-in email marketing makes willing partners of potential customers and does not annoy or produce the bad feelings that bulk email marketing often does. By sending promotional emails only to those who have registered to receive them, a sense of trust is built between promoters and email recipients. It allows those who are interested in a particular service or product to receive email marketing only from specific companies or for specific brands or products. Additionally, it opens the door for newsletters, business letters and other email marketing content to be sent to the person who has registered. One of disadvantages of using bulk email is that it is considered spam and everyone hates spam. Companies that fill in-boxes with spam are often viewed with hostility, no matter how good their products or services. Opt-in email marketing shows respect for potential customers, is less expensive, in terms of both time and money, and does not damage the  reputation of the sender. Finally, opt-in email marketing is the best option for South African users because sending bulk/spam emails can cause problem with internet service providers resulting in the eventual blacklisting of the senders IP address.