Mass email etiquette

A mass email is something that must be done properly, and the reason this is so, is very obvious. Not only should mass emails be something that does appeal to the masses out there, it should also strive to be so much more. First of all, it should have the look and feel of total professionalism, and part of this professionalism comes in the form of it having all of the correct elements. These correct elements are all of the required bits and pieces that make a mass email stand out in every way. Therefore, how to send email properly should be something, which must contain mass email etiquette in them. Mass email etiquette not only makes mass emails professional looking, but also a tool that ends up being highly effective. Some of the things that do constitute proper mass email etiquette do include not putting all email text in bold CAPS. Also, if they don't contain proper spelling, punctuation, and also have no capital letters at all something is very wrong. Mass email etiquette is the very thing that must stand out, and it must also have true impact, because it is this marketing presence that will keep customers coming back. Mass email etiquette doesn't just include, some of the examples given above, it also deals with lots of other things where these specialized forms of emails are concerned as a group. Some of the other things that must be politically correct do include being able to get to the point with your mass emails. Don't make these emails too long to read, as people will not read them, so say what you have to say and do it right away. Secondly, don't let your email contain a bunch of various messages, it should only contain one special message and that is it. The third thing is to make a note to never attach any files that are very long. Any attachments sent along with mass emails should not exceed an advised length of 2MB. Last but not least, never forward on any chain emails, as most people don't like to get these kind of emails and this is because it not very business-like to do so!