Keep Clients Informed with an Email Newsletter

Breaking the Ice in Your Email Newsletter

Not all promotional email has to include coupons and ask for sales. Many people find that using an email newsletter to keep clients informed about upcoming products and services can help establish them as an authority for their field. Being an authority naturally leads to more sales and more people knowing your name. Collect data for your email newsletter through your existing website. If you add a small section on your website for sign up, people who are interested in your product can request your email newsletter. This makes it so the newsletter is only sent to those who are truly interested in your brand, product or service. The more interested they are in the content, the more likely your email will be read. You can use software to prepare and send your email newsletter. The best email newsletters are more than a large block of text. Include multiple pieces of useful information, colourful images and eye-catching headers to keep people interested. Software can help you design this correctly or you can simply use a template. Then, issue the email newsletter on a regular basis. Try not to send the email more often than a few times a week, otherwise, people may lose interest.