Is Social Media Overlooking Email Marketing in South Africa?

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Email marketing in South Africa

Email marketing in South Africa, or any place for that matter, is all about establishing a trustworthy brand first. Though your ultimate priority for email marketing may be to make money, the tool that you will use to achieve that first priority is a good, authentic brand. This is where most people go wrong with email marketing. A plea for money hidden behind the thin corporate veil of ad copy is really not that different from sending a message to everyone on your contacts list asking for money. I'll save you the lecture about "making a product that people really want," but suffice it to say that, to market and establish a trustworthy, awesome brand through email marketing, you must make the people love the medium. To get good at email marketing, you should strive to make people not dread going to their inbox -- all because of your email marketing campaigns. Let's use paper mail as an analogy. After reaching adulthood, most lose their former, childlike ardour of receiving mail because so much of the mail that they get every day is bills and blatant advertising. The same goes for email marketing in South Africa. For many people, checking their email is worrisome, bothersome, and feels increasingly like work. Because of that, it can feel like a luxury to receive pleasant emails where there is no purpose other than a reassuring, if frivolous statement that everything is perfectly okay (and this goes double for the "subject" line, as an unappealing subject line can lead to the immediate scrapping of an entire email marketing campaign). "Okay" can mean a variety of things when email marketing. It can be an expression of gratitude, or it can be a statement that paid-for services are coming along precisely as planned. Tailoring this strategy to the specifics of your brand and audience while email marketing is a must. Once people learn to associate these pleasant feelings with your email marketing in South Africa, and you make them hate their email inbox a little bit less, they will be less inclined to dismiss your attempts to sell something to them. What's more, the nature of the email marketing medium suggests that they may even help you market your brand by forwarding the email marketing campaigns to others. Email marketing in South Africa is a guerrilla medium in this sense. People whose lives are already consumed by major brands may represent markets that are costly and difficult to tap, but with a little elbow grease while email marketing, one successful email out of a thousand duds can open up a whole network of responsive people. When trying to be successful with email marketing, take advantage of the fact that emails aren't written in stone. This means there's room for negotiating and even frivolous badinage! If what you're doing through email marketing really is more than just asking people for money, then you should feel comfortable receiving and responding to textual (as opposed to financial) responses from your readers. Finally, realize that the people to whom you are shooting out your masses of email marketing campaigns are real human beings with a long history of life experiences. These life experiences and memories will be called upon at random times whilst reading your email marketing campaigns, so it pays to be a little strategic if you hope to influence anyone.