Important Figures to Note in Your Email Marketing Reporting

email marketing
email marketing One of the fabulous benefits of email marketing software is the ability to generate reporting on the success of your email newsletter. There are various goals of individual email marketing campaigns which might need in-depth reporting analysis, however here are some of the basic guidelines of what to check in your reporting to determine whether your email marketing campaigns are working for you or not. Deliveries Sending repeated emails to non-existent email addresses can cause certain ISP’s to label your email as spam. After all, who sends emails to dead addresses?  Check bounced addresses from previous email marketing mailers and remove invalid email addresses. Click through rates Click through rates give you an understanding of how well your email marketing was received by your subscribers. Take a note as to which links were clicked and where they were placed in your newsletter. Clicked links can tell you a lot about your subscribers and help you generate more sales, so pay attention! Open rates The percentage of opened emails is vital to note. It can be difficult to get a 100% accurate open rate due to many factors, but it is still good practise to compare open rates between your sent email marketing campaigns. Which email marketing campaign generated the highest open rate? Did you do anything differently for that newsletter? Check the subject line you used and whether you added any discounts or offers. Subscriptions Keep an eye on your unsubscribe rate after each email delivery. Should you notice a significant increase after a particular campaign, do your bit to find out what caused multiple people to unsubscribe. Do these recipients have anything in common? Which method of subscription was used for these recipients and how did your newsletter not match up to their expectations? In summary, checking your reporting may not be your top priority but I’m sure selling your product or service IS your top priority. Having more information about what entices your customer to go all the way to the point of sale is the key to successful business.