Important Consistencies in Your Email Marketing Newsletters

email marketing newsletter

email marketing newsletter

 Keeping your email marketing newsletters consistent

Variety is often considered the spice of life, but most people feel secure with the expected. Most especially, is your email marketing newsletter readers. Keeping your content varied is good, but the following are three things you should strive to always keep constant in your email marketing newsletters.

1. Timing

Your email marketing newsletter should be like a well-oiled machine that runs like clockwork. So that whether it is sent out daily, weekly or monthly, the timing has to be like your best friend, reliable. Just like any news channel, a consistent schedule that subscribers can trust conveys the message that you and your business are trustworthy and organised. By keeping strict with a schedule, your email marketing newsletter also serves as a regular and gentle reminder to your clients, that you are ready to deal with them. It’s not an unusual occurrence that you will get an sale or inquiry within an hour after sending it out. Be sure to pick a schedule that works in your daily routine and that you can maintain, and make sending it out a matter of habit.  

2. Layout

The content in your email marketing newsletter will vary, but the overall structure should stay relatively the same. Imagine your confusion and frustration if the newspaper moved its content around with each issue, like putting the classifieds on the front page and the headline news on the last Much like having a consistent time schedule, a standard layout will help build readability and recipient loyalty. Certain readers will enjoy certain features of your email marketing newsletter. For instance your personal letter or special offer banner. They might prefer to skip past the fold to a certain section each time they open your email marketing newsletter. When you create familiar structure in each email marketing newsletter, you create a user friendly environment for your subscribers. The header, footer, sections and colour are all important elements of your email marketing newsletter format and they should remain steady and consistent. It’s alright to add fun and wacky elements for holidays or special occasions, but you should try to be as true to your original format as possible.  

3. Message

Your email marketing newsletter should have a consistent message that is conveyed through each send. Each time your subscriber reads your email marketing newsletter, they should recognise your “voice”. Think of the email marketing newsletter as having a one-way conversation with your subscribers. The words it contains allow them to get to know who you are and what you stand for. This “voice” should also be similar the “voice” in your blog, social media and on your website. You should only ever include information that represents your brand and company’s mission statement. It’s acceptable to include personal stories. But remember to make sure the content you’re sharing doesn’t contradict your company’s values. When your email marketing newsletter maintains a level of consistency, you build up a bond as well as a secure level of trust with your subscribers – the two most important things a business can have.