How to Write an Effective Email Newsletter

creating an effective email newsletterEmail marketing is an excellent way of staying in touch with your clients as well as getting new subscribers. However, this marketing campaign has to be done in a professional manner. Having an email newsletter can lead to success only if certain factors are considered.

Promote your brand:

An effective email newsletter should create and maintain brand awareness. Therefore, including the company's logo brings out a strong image and uniqueness of the company.


Do not include all the content of your message, rather get to the point with as few features or topics so as not to turn away potential subscribers with an overwhelming amount of information. Always include links for use by those who need more information from your website.

Be brief:

Keep the features and updates in the email newsletter short and precise. Summarise the most important happenings of your company to keep the subscribers abreast with corporate news.

Include upcoming events:

Ensure that you create space for any corporate upcoming events and social media interaction such as Facebook and twitter. This will ignite the subscribers' interest on what the future holds.

Value addition:

While you talk about your products, remember to inform the readers on what they stand to gain from these products. The email newsletter should provide useful and vital information to the clients.

Include excellent content:

Ensure that the email newsletter contains great content. It has to be a great read and very consistent in quality. The content should include happenings, changes, good news, good deeds, and reports.

Have an appealing design:

The email newsletter should be appealing to the eyes of the reader. Choose a good design, size and colours as they are key to increasing readability within the target audience.

Include useful links:

All the links included in the email newsletter should be working. These should preferably refer readers to your website where lengthy content on specific topics is posted. Having broken links compromises on your reputation and the email newsletter's quality.

Make use of correct grammar:

The email newsletter should be devoid of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and fragmented sentences. Correct grammar builds up on the confidence of the readers towards your company and your products.

Include great images:

The email newsletter is more effective when you include amazing images. A good image communicates an idea, concept, or message better than a thousand words. It also draws and retains the attention of readers.

Be creative:

Effective email newsletters are normally innovative and creative. Despite the need for consistency, the email newsletters should not always have the same content patterns with every edition. Make new editions more interesting than the last one.

Promote Sharing:

Create possibilities for sharing the email newsletter with other people. This encourages the readers to share with friends and in so doing, spread the intended message to a larger customer base. In addition, make use of the available social media networks. An email marketing campaign through email newsletters is certainly the way to go. Better still, the email newsletters are cheap and have an expansive coverage of the target audience. When the email newsletters are well prepared, they become more successful in achieving their intended goals.