How to Maintain a Healthy List When Sending Mass Email

mass email

 Keeping a solid relationship

Mass email is not simply sending out a mass email to everyone whose email addresses you can get your hands on.  The true art of using  mass email to make profit is to build solid relationships with people before you try to sell something to them. Also if you want to make regular contact with a subscriber, you’ll need a very important piece of information…their email address. Without that, you’ve lost any opportunity to communicate with them in future.
  Build up your list and treat it well There are many ways to get an email address out of a prospective customer for mass email.  You could for instance ask for it at business events, have an opt-in form on your website for people to sign up, or make it mandatory for opening an account (Make sure you let them know they are subscribing for your mass email.) These are just a few suggestions. The most important thing you can do in building a list is start immediately. The sooner you get an email address, the sooner you can open communication with them and start sending them mass email. Once you have a list, no matter how small it is, it’s the perfect tim e to start sending mass email and begin communicating with it. Once you have your list and are ready to begin sending mass email, you can reference the following to keep in mind while sending mass email. Never broadcast your mass email. Remember that before you can get people to buy from you, you need to build a trustworthy Make it personal. An easy way to get people to unsubscribe is to send a mass email that starts with “Dear Customer” or greeting the recipient by the wrong name which could lead them to believe you acquired their email address from some shady source. If you dorelationship with them. Don’t send out generic mass email campaigns until you’ve convinced your list that you know who they are and that you have their best interests at heart. n’t have all your subscribers’ names or are concerned that your information might not be correct, don’t hide the fact. Rather send out aa mass email requesting them to “Update Their Details”. In all situations, honesty is always the best policy. Include an unsubscribe link in your mass email. It’s required by law to include an unsubscribe link in every mass email that you send. Don’t make the link difficult to find. If someone would like to unsubscribe, let them. There’s no point in keeping someone in your list if they don’t want to get your mass emails. You’ll only annoy them and potentially generate bad publicity for your company, not to mention being blacklisted by ISPs. If you make regular contact with the subscribers in your list and treat them well enough with quality mass email, you’ll have a strong base of loyal customers before you realise it.