How To Avoid Common And Costly Bulk Email Advertising Mistakes Ahead of Time

Bulk email marketing is usually the process of sending out advertisements via mail but it can contain less direct forms of content such as news and updates on certain topics. What makes it different is that it is specifically designed to be sent to a large number of individuals. However if it is not done correctly, it can turn present customers and potential customers off instead of converting them to interested subscribers who prefer to receive your emails. So, how do you avoid alienating your subscribers with mistakes? For a start, it helps to know what the most common mistakes are so that you can actively avoid them in your campaign creation process. One of the most deadly mistakes bulk email marketers make is having a very weak or misleading subject line. The subject line is the MOST important part of the entire campaign as it determines whether the message will even be opened. The subject line should be simple, concise and never ever misleading. Trying to trick people into opening your email will only anger them and cause them to not only dislike your company but also report your campaign as spam, not to mention the fact that they will probably unsubscribe. Another very important thing to remember is not to hide or obfuscate your company’s name or website. This once again touches on making the company looking as though it has something to hide or that it is trying to trick the reader by not being genuine and forthcoming. All emails sent out should have the company’s name, full physical address, and contact information. The only people who generally don’t want to advertise this information are spammers and those who do not want any consequences to come back to them. One other major problem is the fact that some people who don’t immediately see a way out of the mailer (i.e. an unsubscription link) usually use the “Report As Spam/This is Spam” button. I don’t need to tell you that this is the most undesirable effect of anyone’s email. So the best way to avoid this is to provide a clear, and easy-to-see unsubscription gateway that works, at the very top of your email. Some people see this as unproductive and think that it will cause people to unsubscribe more often than not. However people who do wish to unsubscribe should never be made to jump through hoops to do so. This small change will show a world of difference in your successful open rates and lower your spam complaints drastically.