How Often To Send Your Email Newsletter?

Sending an email newsletter

Sending an Email Newsletter

You need to keep your company or brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds. In this way; whenever they need your product or service, they will automatically think of you. If you are sending out your email newsletter less than once a month, your subscribers might forget about you, resulting in unsubscriptions or spam ratings. Your subscribers have their own idea of how often they would like to hear from you, and more often than not, they’ll let you know by unsubscribing. Be proactive and take initiative by finding out from them! Your email marketing service should be able to help you set up a poll to determine how often you should send out your email marketing newsletter and/or place a form on your unsubscription page to find out the reasons behind the unsubscriptions. On the other side, if you are sending out your email newsletter more than once a week, you are probably irritating your subscribers! That is, unless your subscribers have specifically agreed to regular mailings. If this is the case, please remember to at least keep your content interesting. Send your email newsletter on a Wednesday or Thursday if it is of vocational interest and would predominantly be read at work. Email newsletters focused on hobbies and personal interests should be sent on a Friday or Sunday. If you send out a weekly mailer, it is a good idea to send your email marketing newsletter out on the same day as well as at the same time every week.