Email Marketing Templates

Success by Design

When it comes to the designing of email marketing templates, you need to know the answer to “what makes an email marketing template successful?” An email marketing template can only be deemed as “successful” if it inspires the client to react to your email newsletter, generate more revenue for the business and create more awareness and loyalty among the clients. There are many metrics that can be used to determine the success of an email marketing template. Here are a few questions that every businessman should ask themselves when evaluating the success of email marketing templates in their campaign.

Are your targeted subscribers opening your emails?

Email marketing templates can only be successful if the targeted subscribers are opening their emails. There are ways that can be used to track emails and even though they may not be 100% accurate, they will present a good estimate of how many emails have actually been opened. If it is evident that your emails are not opened at a rate that is desired, then the company will have to examine some elements in their email marketing template design. This may be anything from the coding and the potentially spammy content, the value of the content in the email marketing template, the quality of the mailing list or the time and date that the emails were sent. The open rate is one of the most important metrics related to email marketing. When it comes to email marketing templates, it is advisable to keep the coding and spam content in mind since they are directly related to spam, open rate and deliverability.

Are your subscribers sharing and forwarding your email and content?

Many companies might not really care whether their subscribers are sharing or forwarding their content but it is important since it will increase your brand awareness and potentially; your revenue. Many people will take product and brand recommendations more seriously if it came from people that are known to them so if this is the case; your business is growing at no extra cost to you. Therefore, when creating email marketing templates, it is good to consider the ease of forwarding the content.

Are the subscribers clicking through to your landing page from their emails?

Just like the way an email newsletter is successful if it actually gets opened, an email marketing template is successful if users are clicking trough to your landing page or other indicated web destinations. Other positive actions would be, of course, if they take coupons to your physical locations or call your company directly in regards to your campaign. If none of these is happening, it is best to evaluate; if the links to your site are clear and easy to find, if your contact information is clear, if there are enough places in the email to click and most importantly if your content is good enough to encourage clicks. An important is a great tool for customer loyalty, user engagement and branding but the ultimate goal of email marketing is to drive action towards your campaign. When dealing with email marketing templates, it is good to consider all the above if you are looking to optimise the click- through activity.