Email Marketing is a Part of Our Lives

Making the shift to email marketing

Making the change to email marketing Making the choice to use email marketing as a tool in your marketing strategy is a decision that all businesses will need to make. Many people are afraid of making the transition into a digital means of communicating their business and the products/services that they offer. Although their fears are understandable, it is imperative that any person who owns a business, takes a look at their marketing needs and understands the full extent of what email marketing can do for their business.  

What you need to make the transition

Before you can begin using email marketing as a means of communication, you need to ensure that you have met all the prerequisites, if you want success from the start. It is possible to use email marketing without first planning, but this almost always ends in failure. The first stage of your planning is to look at your business in order to determine what kind of content you will be sending and to which audience will you be sending it to. You will also need to know whether you are sending as an individual or as a company. Once you have this information you will need to determine how you are going to engage your audience and how you are going manage them and how often you plan to engage with them. It is important to remember that your audience is made up of people and not just email addresses. They have preferences about what they wish to receive, schedules that are determined by their lifestyle and many more factors that influence when and how they will receive your emails. You will need to determine the demographics of your audience and use this information to tailor your sending times and content to their needs.

What are the risks?

avoid-spammingAs with anything, there are risks with using email marketing. But as long as you are following the right guidelines you will be safe. The following is a list of factors that you should be noting in order to ensure that you never run into any difficulty while sending, or that you don’t cause any authorities the need to block your emails. Make sure your list of subscribers has opted in to receive your emails and has confirmed their opt-in status by clicking a link in an email sent at the time of their subscription. (Double opt-in). Make sure your emails are formatted correctly to correspond with the laws governing the design of emails in your subscribers’ country (CAN-SPAM, EC-Directive, etc.) Make sure your subscribers know the frequency at which you will be sending (daily, weekly and monthly) Research possible “spam trigger words” that you may use in your copy and try to lower their usage to zero or as low as possible.

All things considered

Now that you have what you need to start using email marketing you are well-equipped to start sending out your email marketing to your audience with the confidence that it will give you the best return on investment and will help your business grow exponentially. In order to use this information you will need a powerful and reliable service provider. TotalSend provides an easy-to-use, powerful platform that sends out thousands of emails per second while gathering detailed statistics and reporting on each email marketing campaign you send. Additionally, your sending infrastructure is completely managed from SPF records and bounces to unsubscribes and black-listings.