Email marketing newsletters – A tool of conversion

Email marketing newsletters can be powerful

In recent times, email marketing campaigns have infiltrated the marketers world and in order for one to be successful at it various forms or platforms have to be used to attract and retain clients. An email marketing newsletter is one of the platforms and if well packaged it can stop any reader in his or her tracks. In addition, an email marketing newsletter can be used to evoke warm responses as well as generate a greater number of opens and link clicks. So, what ways can be mastered from the headlines to the call to action in order to get browsers to sign up for the email marketing newsletter? Here is a look at some of them.

Quick access

The sign up or subscribe button should be easily seen on your website. Remove excessive information that would otherwise distract the browser from opting in your email marketing newsletter.

About Us page

Make use of this page to encourage subscribers. Every time a browser wants to know more about you, encourage them subscribe to your email marketing newsletter for more benefits.

Subscriber Testimonials

Include a section where the existing subscribers can talk and share about the benefits that they have gained after subscribing to your email marketing newsletter thus luring others to subscribe.

Subscriber Incentives

Offer gifts to potential subscribers as an incentive for them to opt in your email marketing newsletter. These can be in different forms such as informative reports, video tutorials, or even mp3 among others.

Create Videos

Make use of YouTube videos or corporate videos on your website to encourage sign ups to your email marketing newsletters by offering information that is valuable to the browsers.

Observe Simplicity

When subscribers are opting in, just let them fill in simple details because asking for more would put them off. Ask for their email address and name, that is enough.


When publishing your articles in blogs or any other marketplace, create an opportunity for readers to subscribe to your email marketing newsletter and this can be through having links on the articles.

Market Offline

Encourage as many people as you interact with to opt in to your email marketing newsletters, by giving them business cards or by just talking about the benefits that your email marketing newsletter offers. Once you have attracted subscribers to your email marketing newsletter, then you should package it well to ensure their interests are met. Having persuasive words is not enough; certain considerations need to be factored in when coming up with an effective email marketing newsletter. Firstly, remember that the readers are busy and you need not waste their precious time with details that have no relevance to them. Be relevant, realistic, and brief. Secondly, use the appropriate phrases or keywords that readers find beneficial to them. Thirdly, do not concentrate in much advertising without regard of what the customer or subscriber needs are, as this may be considered as spam. Finally, engage your audience online to build trust, by answering their questions or appreciating their comments or complaints in good time. An effective email marketing newsletter is that which can attract a huge number of subscribers and retain as many as possible and more so, be in a position to convert browsers, to subscribers and to loyal customers. Put proper measures to attract these subscribers and ensure that the email marketing newsletter is creative, professional and relevant to them. Then you will certainly have returns on your investment.