Designing Email Newsletter Content For A Better Response

Knowing your email newsletter target

It is important to create effective and not flashy marketing content for your email newsletter campaigns. Research shows that the entirety of well-designed multimedia content or images will not be reaching 65% of the readers as they will tend to read the email marketing content on mobile devices that allow text content only. Therefore all the efforts you make in beautifying the content by adding images is going to go waste. Even if you want to include these images, make sure that the text content is valuable even if the images don’t display. If your email newsletter  needs these images to be downloaded from the web, it is sure to be blocked as spam by the client programs. It is best to avoid scripts in the html content and send the content as a plain text. This will make the email newsletter content light enough to be accessed on any platforms and you can satisfy the aesthetic bug by linking an html version with the text email newsletter content. You should also take care of designing the preview in an interesting fashion as almost 70% people use this information to filter out junk email newsletters from their mailbox. Your sender name should be clearly visible in the email newsletter message to make it reputable and easily recognised. The reader should be able to recognise you and trust you in order to read your email newsletter content. The subject line should be designed in a genuine manner without any flashy tones. It is found in some of the studies that personalising marketing improves the open rates .There are many mail merge applications that are used by the personalise mass email newsletters to ensure that the information and name is personalised to meet the reader's specific requirements in mind. It is also advisable to create a sense of urgency in your email newsletter content to help the reader open your email newsletter message without delay. Though images are avoidable, if you are using images in the email newsletter, it will help if you add alt & title text that can be displayed even if the image is not seen. Check on the email newsletter’s width too in your email newsletter message as a very wide email newsletter may not be displayed correctly in the preview. A single column email newsletter template will help the reader be focused on your sales offer rather than being distracted by too much content. To ensure that the email newsletter message does not get lost in images that are not displayed correctly, use text based links and call-to-actions. It is most important to weed out css html email marketing content as the email service providers will restrict them. Avoiding dark backgrounds will also improve your email newsletter marketing success ratio. Planning is the most important part of the entire email newsletter campaign and improves the success of your efforts.