Bulk Email Service Standard Requirements for Periodic Update Emails

Does your business send regularly scheduled updates to your clients such as articles, information, email newsletters and emails promoting events? If so, you need a bulk email service that will offer your business with more support for the ongoing processes and potentially more effective emails. There are various aspects of bulk email service that you must give more attention to make your email strategy more effective. You must consider having advanced list management features that will enable subscriptions management, anti-spam measures and management of multiple lists or groups. The best bulk email service should also have administration features that offer asset archives and management. The service should allow you to store and reuse images, content and email templates easily. The bulk email service should also have advanced message building features such as template system, forward to a friend, web version and merging personalized data. Having advanced standard templates will enable you to have a consistent brand and streamline the creation process. Furthermore, a good bulk email service for periodic update emails should have advanced testing and reporting features such as spam filter and click through tracking. An advanced spam filter feature will enable you to test individual messages against the rules of standard spam filters and thus, ensure most of your emails end up in the recipient inbox. The click through tracking will enable you to determine links that are getting more clicks and thus, provide you with valuable guide for future emails.