A Personalised Email Marketing Effort Stole The Day

Email marketing in real life

Recently, I received an email from a company I knew not much about, advertising their products. That was not new to me. Internet marketing is well known for its characteristically nagging way of sending messages to its target market. The funny thing is, this unsolicited email marketing probe did not offend me. In actual fact, I ended up following the links at the end of the post and learning more about the product. This was a typical example of how email marketing can be used to access and win the confidence of new customers. The question is, what really lured me into the email? The answer lies in the simplicity and accuracy of the content in the email. I personally love electronic gadgets and the advert was enticing me to purchase a music system that in the marketer's opinion would suit my needs. How they came up with what my needs were, structured the email to contain a private greeting (that contained my name) remains to be the only thing that captured my attention.I believe this will also be the case for other email marketing targets. Having the ability to deliver a custom-made message to an email recipient is one of the strongest aspects of modern day email marketing. The simple inclusion of the recipient name gives them a sense of importance, a feeling that the advertiser took some time to create and deploy the advert. This forms the first line of approach to winning the reader's attention. What made me more engrossed into the email marketing piece I stumbled upon in my inbox was however not the custom greeting. It was about how the content was delivered. Different people in society welcome different styles of writing, this is a fact that email marketing agents should understand. By getting the best style when writing to a specific target, you ensure that the first impression is maintained to the end. Though I can vaguely figure out how the creators of the email decided that a friendly tone with a youth like touch would be at home with me, I must admit they really got me on that one. This means that it no longer pays to just sent a message to somebody and edit its introduction and conclusion.

To Conclude

Evaluating trends and facts about the target audience like age and social site preferences gives email marketing experts the edge they need to retain the attention of their targets. What impressed me most however, was the fact that the designers of the mail did not waste my time and bandwidth. This is something that email marketing experts should learn to emulate. I accessed the full contents of the email from my phone. This reflects two important things about email marketing, being precise and lightweight. To succeed, you have to deploy emails that load fast and are straight to the point. I came to learn about it later, but there is software to help you tailor email ads depending on client behaviours and needs. This marks the dividing line between the old and irritating email marketing approach that sends generic messages to a number of recipients to a more streamlined approach that waits and stalks you before pouncing on you with snugly fitting email adverts.